Coconut Bowls
Review: My Fridgie

Written by Maria Loghin (Republished from My Fridgie)

Gorgeous Coconut Bowls: beautifully crafted, and handmade out of discarded coconut shells! 
I actually didn’t know this, but over 99% of shells from used coconuts end up getting chucked and burned. The smoke from the shells releases a lot of methane and CO2 in the atmosphere, which is hazardous not only for the environment, but also for our health. 
These bowls are made using ethically sourced coconut shells after the flesh and water has been extracted. The shells are then cut, cleaned, sanded down, and polished with coconut oil. So aside from them being eco-friendly and free from anything artificial, you won’t find two alike. Every single bowl, just like every person, is unique. 
Coconut Bowls come in 3 different varieties: original ( smooth inside and out ), natural ( smooth inside, rough exterior ), and white ( finished off with an FDA approved food safe white lacquer ). On their site you can also find some lovely wooden sono spoons made from reclaimed Amboyna tree wood that pair really nicely with the bowls.
I personally LOVE these bowls. I really, really like the idea of recycling coconut shells and reducing waste. They are perfect for serving smoothies, and somehow, when you eat out of them you almost feel transported to a tropical island! 
If you wish to buy a set of Coconut Bowls, click here.

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