Emilly Sonsie is halfway to conquering the Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls cookbook!

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So it’s official. I’m half way through my Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls Cookbook. 50 out of 100 recipes made. I said I wanted to cook all 100 recipes from the beginning but even I was expecting to come a across a few recipe fails. I promise you when I say that I am yet to be disappointed, and I haven’t had a recipe fail me!  

All the ingredients have been easily found, one trip to an Asian Grocer, a few trips to a health food store, and everything else located at your local supermarket. Every recipe has had such a small amount of ingredients and really focuses on the use of fresh produce which I just love.  

If you read my original blog on this cookbook you’ll know I loved it for a few reasons, nutritious meals, quick meals and delicious meals. Well now that I’ve cooked my way to the halfway mark I want to add two more reasons to my list. Cheap and freezer friendly.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I count my pennies and I budget for our food. So it’s amazing to know I can cook from this book on a regular basis and it fits right into my budget. Some dishes require an occasional expensive ingredient, like matcha powder for example, but you only use such a small amount and then you’ve bought a great ingredient that can be used in multiple other dishes.

I also love to meal prep my food and my freezer is stocked to the brim with dinners and lunches ready to go. Any dinner meal or lunch meal that I’ve cooked from VBFVS I have made double and placed the extras in the freezer. They all freeze incredibly well and make for a great lunch or another dinner when I can’t be bothered cooking from scratch. As much as I love cooking, after a long day at work sometimes I really want to be able to just grab some dinner and sit down, so knowing I can still eat the amazing recipes and not have to doing anything makes me very happy!

I saved the Gnocchi and Avocado Cream for my 50th recipe and it was incredible. That has jumped to the top of the list for my husband. My current favourite meal has to be the Mexican Lentil Chilli Bowl as I can’t go past a great Mexican dish and for Hunter, well he is obsessed with hummus so the Red Beet Zoodles with Minty Crumbled ‘Feta’ was definitely loved by him! My favourite sweet item has to be the Coconut Twix Style Bars as they were super quick and easy to make and tasted extremely decadent! 

So in less than 4 months of owning this cookbook I’m half way through it. Call me crazy, but cooking my way through this book has been the best decision I’ve made! I can’t wait to cook the remaining 50 dishes over the next few months and let you know how they all go! 

Emilly x


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