Emilly Sonsie's mission to create all 100 recipes from our cookbook: only 25 to go!

By Emilly Sonsie @emillysonsie
Can you believe that I’m 75 recipes into the Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls cookbook... what's even more impressive is that I’m still yet to be let down by a dish! I know exactly which one I’m saving for my 100th recipe too but you’ll just have to wait to see. For now, I wanted to share my top 5 recipes. The cookbook is divided into 5 categories so I’m going to share my favourite dish from each category and trust me when I say this is so difficult to do because I genuinely have loved every recipe!  



I’m going to have to pick the Golden Granolo Bowl. There is just something about homemade granola in the morning.  The smell of walnuts and cinnamon is enough to make me jump out of bed! The versatility of granola is also a plus as  you can have it on its own, on top of a smoothie bowl or on an oat bowl or just as a snack. 

Light Bowls 


The perfect dish from this section has to be the Green Garden Bowl with Alfredo Pesto Pasta. That pasta sauce...Oh. My. God. The creaminess of the cashews and saltiness of the capers was just that good. Pair it with a pesto, and pasta and peas, which are highly underrated, you have yourself an absolute winner. Also just looking at a bowl full of green makes me feel amazing! 



This such a tough call but I’m leaning towards the Red Quinoa with Smokey Pepper Sauce! That sauce was so delicious and a flavour combination that I’ve never ever had before. The recipe also made so much sauce and lasted me weeks worth of lunches. I also loved making the quinoa with beetroot to turn it red. This was a really innovative dish full of so much goodness! 



The Cherry Choc Raspberry Bites were an absolute treat! These did not last long in my house at all. I loved the texture and taste as they were so similar to an actual cherry ripe bar! If you love coconut, berries and chocolate than this is the recipe for you! I love having something sweet in the fridge all the time for when the sweet cravings hit too.

Small Bowls


This section was a no brainer - The Plant abased Mac & Cheese was out of this world delicious. That creamy sauce, so full of nutrients and flavour was just amazing. I even used the sauce to create the perfect vegan lasagne as well! This satisfied those comfort food cravings and also so easy to make too. Definitely will be getting cooked again! 

I’ve had such a fun time cooking all these recipes and I hope you’ve gained some inspiration from them so far! I can’t wait to cook the last 25 dishes and complete this cookbook. I know that it was always be used in my kitchen as the recipes are just so simple and easy! 

Emilly x



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