Creamy Beet Hummus

March 13, 2019

This recipe adds some delicious vibrancy to a classic rich and creamy hummus! Its colour will make it an instant eye-catcher amongst guests, and add some photogenic flavour to any dish

Creamy Mushroom and Sage Pasta

March 01, 2019

This 'creamy' mushroom and sage pasta is a staple dinner of ours. It is so quick and easy to make. Not to mention that it is so flavourful and absolutely packed with nutrients.

Vegan Blinis

January 21, 2019

Never heard of blinis? They're a Russian classic, similar to pancakes or crepes! Add any toppings your heart desires! They are the perfect party food or prepare a batch to keep in the fridge for the week for when those munchies hit.

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