Coconut Candle

Find Your Perfect Coconut Candle for Hours of Enjoyment

A coconut candle can be many things: a way to set the stage for a relaxing bath, a cute decoration to fit a theme or even a regular, everyday item that you use to scent the air in your home. Could it also be a way for you to reduce your footprint and contribute to a more sustainable way of living? While a candle more.

Coconut Shell Bowl

The Coconut Shell Bowl: A Versatile and Sustainable Option for All

Could a coconut shell bowl be the key to reshaping a minor yet essential part of your business? Whether you run a smoothie shop, sell acai bowls, or own a small restaurant or café, you need bowls — and the cost for them can add up significantly over time. That's especially so if you regularly lose bowls due more.

Wooden Bowls

Become a Sustainability Champion with Wooden Bowls from Coconut Bowls

Around the world, people are seeking for sustainable resources such as wooden bowls to reduce their environmental impact and make a positive difference. Coconut Bowls proudly supports these sustainability initiatives in thousands of restaurants and businesses. Our innovative, durable, and more.

Reusable Produce Bags

Eliminate Plastic Waste with High-Quality Reusable Produce Bags

Without reusable produce bags, the world is only going to see more and more plastic waste pile up. The Pacific Garbage Patch is already far too large, so we owe it to each other and to the world to make a change. There’s no one single fix, but the more reusable products such as tote bags we can get into the more.

Reusable Cutlery Set

Coconut Bowls is Your Go-To Source for a Reusable Cutlery Set

Coconut Bowls has been advocating for healthy living and conscious thinking for both people and the planet with our handcrafted eco-friendly home products including a reusable cutlery set. Made from reclaimed ebony, our reusable wooden cutlery is an excellent replacement for plastics for those who more.

Bamboo Straws

Coconut Bowls Offers Bamboo Straws

Coconut Bowls aims to advocate sustainable living and the reduction of waste with our reclaimed products as well as our bamboo straws. Australians use around 3.5 billion plastic straws a year, or 10 million a day and most of these are used for less than a half-hour before they are thrown away, littering more.

Coconut Bowls and Spoons

Eco-Friendly Coconut Bowls and Spoons

Our beautiful and unique range of coconut bowls and spoons are hand-crafted using ethical methods as an effort to reduce waste and contribute to sustainable living. We are a purpose-driven brand that started from humble beginnings and have expanded from selling just bowls to now include in our kitchen more.

Wooden Chopsticks 

Turn to Us for Wooden Chopsticks 

If you are looking for a new and eco-friendly way to eat your meals, don’t miss out on trying out the wooden chopsticks from Coconut Bowls. Our products are created to stand up to everyday use for any meal more.

Reusable Produce Bags 

Let Coconut Bowls Supply You with Reusable Produce Bags 

Reusable produce bags are a must-have item to bring with you when you go grocery shopping. Coconut Bowls carries an extensive array of cotton bags that are not only durable but environmentally friendly more.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Organic Cotton Reusable Shopping Bags

You can make your trips to the market or store more environmentally-friendly by using reusable shopping bags. We have an extensive range of organic cotton foldable bags that you can store conveniently in your handbag or car ready for when you need them. Designed to hold more items than more.

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