Coconut Bowls and Spoons

Eco-Friendly Coconut Bowls and Spoons

Our beautiful and unique range of coconut bowls and spoons are hand-crafted using ethical methods as an effort to reduce waste and contribute to sustainable living. We are a purpose-driven brand that started from humble beginnings and have expanded from selling just bowls to now include in our kitchen range of coconut wood spoons, forks and even wooden coconut chopsticks. Our organic and eco-friendly products are carefully crafted by our community of people that have a shared passion for sustainability and healthy living.

Fun Facts About Our Coconut Spoons and Bowls

Here are a few fun facts that we discovered on our journey to creating bowls, spoons and coconut forks.

  • Large quantities of coconut shells were going to waste: With a thriving coconut industry, billions of shells were being discarded as a bi-product. Coconut farms were either working with large export companies or using machines to crush the shells, which made them unusable. These coconut shells were then burned or sent to landfills.
  • Traditional Bali village people use coconut shells for bowls: A trip to Bali inspired our founder to use coconut shells as bowls for eating due to the size and shape. After talking to a local Balinese artisan, he discovered that traditional villages had been using coconut shells for hundreds of years. 
  • We reclaim 10,000 coconut shells per month: Since the launch of our business, we now reclaim 10,000 coconut shells every month and prevent them from becoming a waste product. Our method for recovering includes the purchase of shells from coconut farmers who would otherwise have to pay for the discarding of their waste product. These shells are sent to our ethical workshop to be hand-crafted into unique, eco-friendly kitchen accessories.

History of Coconut Bowls

Our healthy living and conscious thinking brand began with a trip to Bali in 2015.

  • Inspired by local Balinese craftsmen:After discussing the use of coconuts shells with locals in Bali, our founder, Jake Mckeon, brought a range of sanded and sealed shells back home to Australia. From posting a few images on social media, he quickly realised there was significant demand for this organic and sustainable product.
  • Partnered with an ethical workshop: Needing to find a workshop that could keep up with the product demand, we partnered with ethical factories in Vietnam and Indonesia. We source our coconut shells from sustainable farms where they are cut, sanded and polished into safe and reusable bowls. 
  • Expanded our range of products:Thanks to our team of artisans who are committed to sustainable living, we have expanded our range of products to include wooden cutlery. We now use discarded wood from furniture makers to create our stunning range of coconut, waste wood and bamboo products. 

About the People at Coconut Bowls

Our team of artisans, who share the same passion for healthy living and sustainability as our founder, Jake McKeon, craft our unique products. Thanks to Jake’s belief of leaving nature intact and uninterrupted, we have partnered with a workshop in Vietnam who takes the same approach with family. 

Our workshop is run by skilled Vietnamese artisans, many who come from the same biological family and work seamlessly together. The manager coordinates the sustainable sourcing of waste products from small coconut farms which the close-knit team turn into beautiful kitchen designs such as wooden spoons and coconut bowls. Our relationship with the people in our community, including our founder, artisans and Coconut Bowl family, is strengthened by our environmental and cultural considerations as well as fair trade. Contact us today and team up with our eco-friendly initiative.

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