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Find Your Perfect Coconut Candle for Hours of Enjoyment

A coconut candle can be many things: a way to set the stage for a relaxing bath, a cute decoration to fit a theme or even a regular, everyday item that you use to scent the air in your home. Could it also be a way for you to reduce your footprint and contribute to a more sustainable way of living? While a candle might not sound like something that would allow you to do that, it's true. Avoiding candles that rely on non-sustainable production and contribute to the growing amount of trash that goes to landfill is worth taking the time to find an alternative. You don't have to look far, either: at Coconut Bowls, we've taken our immensely popular coconut shell bowls and transformed them into candles that you'll love just as much. 

The Benefits of Natural Coconut Candles from Coconut Bowls 

Why should you try one of our coconut shell candle options? There are several perks to using them over other options. These benefits include:

  • Every candle provides a long-lasting burn time, with up to 50 hours of burning possible in every candle we produce. The scent lasts for the whole time, too, providing a pleasant aroma to help soothe and focus the mind. Each candle comes equipped with a crackling wood wick, for a gentle and soothing sound. 
  • No need to worry about unnecessary waste. Each shell we use was destined for destruction by fire or landfill — by upcycling them instead, you're helping reduce waste with every purchase. 
  • Enjoy free shipping across Australia whenever you order $75 or more. Affordability is important to us, and that includes making sure our products can reach you without an unnecessary spend.

From their longevity to their lasting aromas to making your contribution to saving the planet, what's not to love about a coconut wax candle like ours?

Fun Facts About Coconut Bowl Candles 

At Coconut Bowls, we got our start based on an idea that came to us on while on holiday — and that kind of fun and whimsical approach to business has stayed with us ever since. With that in mind, we believe our candles are fun just as much as they are functional. Here are some fast, fun facts to help you learn more about our product:

  • We sustainably source all our coconut shells from farmers who would otherwise be forced to discard them, then send them to our well-maintained workshops overseas where we contribute to the employment of local artisans.
  • Even the candle itself is sustainable because it relies on a mixture of soy and coconut to create a solid, waxy substance suitable for a gentle flame and long-term burning — no unnecessary chemicals or additives of which the production might have negative environmental consequences.
  • You can use and reuse the bowl once you've finished up with the candle. Simply clean out the residual wax. What could you do with it afterwards? Here's one example: try using the bowl as a planter for a small succulent! The only limit is your imagination.

Why Trust Coconut Bowls When You'd Like to Purchase Coconut Soy Candles? 

Australian-owned and operated, we've always put trust and accountability at the forefront of our business. From transparency about our sources and production methods to the affordability that we pass on to our customers, Coconut Bowls makes every effort to produce fantastic eco-conscious products you'll love to use in your home. Check out our bowls and accessories, too, for even more ways to "green" your life. See what others have had to say about our candles or see for yourself: place an order today. Questions? Find answers here.

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