Coconut Shell Bowl

The Coconut Shell Bowl: A Versatile and Sustainable Option for All

Could a coconut shell bowl be the key to reshaping a minor yet essential part of your business? Whether you run a smoothie shop, sell acai bowls, or own a small restaurant or café, you need bowls — and the cost for them can add up significantly over time. That's especially so if you regularly lose bowls due to attrition from damage, or if your business relies on disposable items. At Coconut Bowls, we believe there's a different path to take. With sustainably sourced and 100% natural bowls made from the shells of real coconuts, replacing your current solution could prove incredibly cost-effective.

Problems That a Coconut Shell Bowl Can Help You Address

Why consider coco bowls in the first place? It's not a gimmick — many cultures and peoples have traditionally used coconuts in this manner, and that trend continues to this day. By using them in your establishment, you can solve several problems:

  • Reduce an over-reliance on single-use plastics or polystyrene bowls that go straight to landfill after a customer finishes using them. With more talk about banning such products, now is the perfect time to find an alternative.
  • Save on consumable costs by investing in bowls that will practically last a lifetime; one investment sets your business up to have all the bowls it needs for the foreseeable future. 
  • Find a new way to conduct business responsibly and ethically when you're having trouble finding new initiatives to keep the momentum towards eco-friendly practices going. 

All that's not to mention one other simple fact: customers love to use them, and coco shell bowls are incredibly satisfying to see and use. 

Tips Regarding Purchasing Coconut Bowls at Wholesale 

Want to know how to make the most of the opportunity to buy coco bowls for your business? Here are our tips to help you out:

  • Take the time to learn about our brand, our product, and our guarantees. Our bowls carry a lifetime promise of quality, and if yours cracks or breaks from normal use, we'll provide you with a free replacement (shipping applies).
  • Consider additional accessories, such as our wooden spoons, straws, and cutlery. Why not go all out in your efforts to make your business more sustainable? Easy to care for and long-lasting, these wooden accessories can further reduce your need for plastics.
  • Don't forget to consider customisation options to reinforce branding in your café or restaurant, or to share a positive and inspirational message with patrons. We're happy to provide custom slogans along with pre-set symbols to help express a message to your patrons. 

Why You Shouldn't Miss Out on Coconut Bowls 

If you still aren't sure, we encourage you to try one out on your own at home, especially in combination with one of our Buddha spoons made from reclaimed rosewood. Not only are we sure you'll enjoy the experience, but you'll soon see the value in switching to more sustainable and eco-friendly options. Submit a wholesale enquiry online today for a prompt response.

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