Nalu Bowls - Bowls & Spoon Combo
Nalu Bowls - Bowls & Spoon Combo
Nalu Bowls - Bowls & Spoon Combo
Nalu Bowls - Bowls & Spoon Combo
Nalu Bowls - Bowls & Spoon Combo
Nalu Bowls - Bowls & Spoon Combo

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Nalu Bowls - Bowls & Spoon Combo

It's no secret that Nalu Bowls Bali make the world's best smoothie bowls.

Served out of Coconut Bowls - Nalu Bowls are known as the taste of the tropics.

For a limited time only, you can order our "Signature" Nalu Bowl and Wooden Sono Spoon combo. Enjoy your morning smoothie bowl out of your Nalu Bowl + we promise you'll feel like you're living the good life on an island paradise.

This is our original Coconut Bowl, sanded smooth on the inside and out. 

    Product Description

    These coconut shell bowls are hand made from real coconuts reclaimed after being discarded as waste. Each coconut is cut, sanded and cleaned before being finished with an organic coconut oil polish. Absolutely nothing artificial is used during the process from coconut to coconut bowl.

    Each bowl is unique with it's own shape, size, colour and markings. Every coconut bowl is one in a billion, just like you.


    Each bowl is unique in size.

    - Diameter average 12cm - 14cm (Average 13cm)
    - Depth 6cm - 7cm (Average 6cm)
    - Volume 500ml - 700ml (Average 600ml)

    Process & Materials

    - 100% Natural
    - Reusable
    - Easy to clean
    - Food Safe
    - Hand Crafted
    - Made from Real Coconuts
    - Fair Trade
    - No artificial glues or lacquers

    Care Instructions

    - Rinse your bowl in room temperature water before use.
    - Do not use with extremely hot foods.
    - Hand wash with lukewarm soapy water. Do not use in the dishwasher or soak for a long period of time.
    - Do not expose your bowl to extreme heat and do not use in the refrigerator, microwave, oven or dishwasher.
    - Polish your coconut bowl with coconut oil as often as you like to rehydrate your bowl and restore it's smooth and shiny finish. We recommend every 10 or so washes.


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